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LTC Resources & Education for Your & Your Client

The Concern for LTCi   There continues to be confusion and concern in the long-term care arena.  Many are looking beyond traditional LTC insurance with fewer companies offering traditional coverage and continued price increases from those who no longer offer … Continue reading

2020 Tax Guide & App | The SECURE Act – Rethinking Tax Planning Strategies

The only constant is change  Below is the link to our 2020 tax guide which includes a QR code/link to download the Tax Guide App.  The Tax App is not just informational, there are calculators on several topics to include:  … Continue reading

Three Concerns. One Solution.

Protect Your Clients Today & Tomorrow   Life insurance is certainly a topic that can stir discussion and debate.  It is a conversation that deserves distinction from all other insurance because death is eminent for all of us.  Planners take … Continue reading

It Takes More Than Money to Buy Insurance

It takes more than money to buy insurance As with any type of planning, building in flexibility and asking “what if” questions is important. I believe I help place safety nets underneath clients to protect them today and tomorrow.  I … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Life . . . Insurance

When asked what I like most about my job, my answer is always the same: I am always challenged and always learning.  I recently learned a few things that you may want to be aware of.  Life Insurance and Divorce … Continue reading

Wealth Transfer Tools & Insight | Life is Changing

“Wealth Transfer” can hold a different meaning to each client and advisor.  The idea often involves life insurance because of the unique status it has with the IRS – If it is owned properly the death benefit can be paid … Continue reading

Education is Key – Protect, Guarantee & Decide Later

At IIC we strongly believe in the power of education.  We offer education in the four key areas of insurance protection – life, disability, long-term care & annuities. Protect, Guarantee and Decide Later Clients that are in the home stretch of … Continue reading

The Price is NOT Right | More Regulations

Life insurance is being repriced due to new regulations  Certain life insurance products will be repriced or discontinued this year due to new life expectancy tables and reserve requirements.  Some insurers don’t want to contend with too much risk so … Continue reading

What’s New

New Article: Life insurance is a liquidity and leverage tool   Life insurance is considered by some as the swiss army knife of financial tools because of its many uses.  In my recently published NAPFA article, “Legacy Planning with Life … Continue reading

Do you hate annuities?  Dispelling the myths with facts

  Do you hate annuities? In a recent USA Today article, Why I hate annuities: Here are the reasons these investments are bogus, Ken Fisher boldly starts out by stating “I’d die and go to hell before selling an annuity”.  … Continue reading

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