Insurance Solutions

Custom Solutions Through Our Right Fit™ Process


Designing the right life insurance coverage requires answers to key questions.

1. How much coverage do you want?
2. How long do you want the coverage to last?
3. How healthy are you?
4. Do you want living benefits?

Life insurance is more confusing than ever these days. Most people make the mistake of shopping solely on price. Money alone can’t buy life insurance; you need good health too. The underwriting process determines the risk and life expectancy of the client to determine the appropriate premium to charge. Underwriting is not the same from company to company and our Right Fit™ process helps determine the best carriers based upon the client's health, product choice, and design.


The long-term care insurance marketplace is relatively young compared to the life insurance industry.  About 40 years ago the first policy to cover nursing care was sold.  Today most policies cover any type of care needed if the insured qualifies as unable to perform 2 of the 6 activities of daily living.

The traditional long-term care insurance marketplace continues to try and properly price older policies and many carriers have withdrawn from selling them.  Life insurance-based products known as “hybrids” continue to grow in popularity and it appears they will be a significant part of the industry in the future.  IIC offers educational articles and videos for you and your client.


When you ask most working people what their largest asset is, you will often hear things like their house, car, or retirement account. The reality is for most workers it is their ability to continue to earn an income. Yet many continue to work without any or enough protection.

Most people get their disability coverage from work not knowing the limitations of group plans. Many will be surprised to learn how limiting it can be, especially for high-income earners. Claim time is not the time to learn how good your coverage is.


The word “annuity” has some negative connotations attached to it. Bad products and bad agents have tarnished the industry. The primary goal of an annuity is to provide “income for life”. Most retirees are surprised to learn they already have an annuity we call social security.

Income and deferred annuities are used widely today to protect your principal and guarantee you don’t run out of money in retirement. An array of products from simple to complex flood the marketplace. IIC can help you shop for the Right Fit™ annuity whether you are trying to protect and safely grow your principal, or want to guarantee income for life.