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Scary Times Success Manual

There is a lot you can worry about if you are in the home stretch of retirement. Whether you can retire, and how long your assets will last, are amongst the top two concerns.  Other fears include low yields, sequence of returns and if you will need to pay for long-term care.  When you add the recent rapid inflation and potential for war to your worry list, we enter ‘Scary Times’. 

We’ve had plenty of ‘scary times’ before.  Thanks to Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach®) there is a manual to help you & your clients “transform that fear into strategic growth, progress, and achievement”.  When times are Scary, it is important to focus on:

1. Others
2. Your relationships
3. Creating value
4. Your opportunities
5. Your progress
6. Today
7. Who you can be
8. Your responses
9. What’s available
10. Your gratitude

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18 Risks Retirees Face
Deferred indexed annuity v. bonds
There is no doubt the current market and environment have many fleeing to safety and holding on to more cash as they shy away from putting it into the market as they near retirement.  Alliance Bernstein recently issued a whitepaper (provided below) showing how using an indexed annuity in place of bonds can add value to some portfolio designs.
The Fixed Index Annuity – A New Core for Retirement Savings?
One of my favorite products comes from an A+ rated carrier and has a 1% guaranteed return over the next 5 years.  A $200,000 deposit guarantees you to have $210,202 in 5 years. If the S&P 500 grows you could have anywhere from $218,000 to $274,000 as reflected from past time periods.  Our Client Chronicle™ shares Nelly’s story using this Protect, Guarantee & Decide Later strategy.
A deferred indexed annuity with an income rider
More clients are looking for safe, reliable, and guaranteed options as they near retirement. Your client might prefer to have a growing guaranteed income they can tap when ready to retire. Today a $200,000 deposit for a 60-year-old female, can guarantee a $21,000 lifetime income starting at age 70.  This same product can be designed to provide more upside with favorable market returns over the next 10 years.  For a lower guarantee of $16,000 a year, there is potential to have the income grow up to $27,000 a year per a recent historical.  Want to know what they can guarantee to your client?  Launch the calculator below. 
Guaranteed Lifetime Income Calculator
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