Retirement Resources

Retirement Resources

2022 Retirement Planning Guide:  This 28-page guide provides the rules and regulations for each qualified plan available in the marketplace. It includes IRA, ROTH, SIMPLE, DB, 401A,401K, 403B accounts. It also includes details and legalities for non-qualified life insurance design strategies.

RMD Rules for Inherited Accounts:  SECURE Act Changes – 10 facts you need to be aware of.

Annuity Resources

Annuities are contracts with unique features. An annuity can be “annuitant” or “owner” driven. Below you can download resource guides for both types of annuities. We also provide information for trust owned and the taxation of annuity distributions. Launch the below links to download these resources.

Annuitant/Owner-Based Contract Guide
Annuities in Trusts/Annuity Distribution Taxation

Bond Alternative designs

The current economic environment is causing more clients and advisors to rethink the value of an annuity in retirement. Morningstar and Reliance Bernstein issued advisor white papers on the strategy and value of using an indexed annuity in lieu of bonds in a portfolio. AIG offers a client-oriented brochure discussing the concept and value of an indexed annuity as an alternative to other safe money options. 

Fixed Index Annuities – An Alternative Income Solution

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