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The Future of Taxes

There is a lot of conjecture about the future estate tax laws. The consensus seems to be estate tax exemptions are going down and income tax rates are going up.  For the latest pulse on what might happen after the dust settles see the Advanced Markets Blog from John Hancock.  What might be more concerning are the proposed limits for GRATS. 

What you need to know about potential tax increases for the wealthy

Grantor Trusts on the Chopping Block

CFP® CE Event 11/10/2021 @ 10 am CT – Life Insurance Planning for HNW Clients

As the rich face higher taxation, some are likely to give life insurance more consideration for its’ tax benefits.  To find out why and how HNW clients use life insurance to accomplish their planning goals, join us for our next CFP® CE approved presentation. 

Life insurance is a financial tool used for many different reasons.  High-Net Worth clients will use it to provide liquidity to pay estate taxes, pass on a family business and equalize their estate among their heirs.  It is a tax advantaged product allowing tax deferral and tax- free benefits during life and at death.  This program looks at the different situations where life insurance could be part of the legacy plan.  We use case studies and provide unique insight to the value of life.  Learn why life insurance is the new Stretch IRA along with advanced concepts like split dollar and premium financing. 

Attendees will receive several advanced planning articles discussing the 5 levels of Estate Planning.

Email if you would like us to present this topic to your office or study groups. 

Long-Term Care Client Presentation

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month! The insurance industry has an “Awareness Month” for several different products throughout the year.  They certainly have good intentions of educating the public but let’s face it, insurance is an important part of the overall financial plan every month! 

IIC just finished building a client presentation on LTC Planning.  This presentation helps clients understand the risks, expenses, and available insurance options.  We would be happy to present this to your firm and your clients.  Please reach out if you would like to learn more.  The presentation is approximately 45 minutes leaving plenty of time for Q & A. 

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