4.95% for 5 years Guaranteed, Income Planning

Protect the Pile with 4.95% guaranteed for 5 years (A+ rated carrier)
Anyone expecting to retire soon is certainly experiencing a bad sequence of returns.Consider a deferred annuity when clients are counting down to retirement. Fixed MYGA annuity rates have risen rapidly –clients can get a 3-year rate above 4% and a 5-year rate close to 5%, guaranteed!
If you want to go after better returns and ride the upside of the market whenever it might rebound, you could purchase an indexed annuity.  Fixed and indexed annuities guarantee principal and can be a smart play for cash on the sidelines and a replacement for some of the bond portion of a portfolio.  As interest rates rise, bonds will lose value and fixed/indexed annuities will protect your principal.
Balanced Accumulation
The Fixed Index Annuity Whitepaper
Planning for Income
The transition from defined benefit pension plans to 401k/IRA savings has caused too many to focus on the pile.  Decumulation planning is different than accumulation planning.  Income annuities are uniquely positioned to provide guaranteed income for life. 
Income Expedition
Wharton Study:  Investing Your Lump Sum at Retirement

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