Partnering With You to Make Insurance Easy

“Rob and his team have become my trusted resource for providing life, disability and long-term care insurance. My clients have various needs and levels of understanding and Rob is able to customize his approach to suit all of them. He’s made the process easy, for myself and my clients, that I rarely use another insurance broker when looking at these coverages.”

Dave Grant, CFP®

Retirement Matters, Barrington, IL

“Rob understands my position as a fiduciary for my clients, and he knows that my first responsibility is to find the best solution to fill a client’s financial needs, whether short-term or long-term. His diligent, persistent and thorough approach means that we know that our clients will be presented with appropriate and efficient alternatives. Rob’s ability to comb through various carriers to find the best policy match for a given client’s situation gives us confidence in him and his team as valued strategic partners.”

Thomas H. Zimmerman, CFP®

Zimmerman Wealth Management LLC

“Over the years, Rob has worked with our firm on more complicated insurance cases. Over that time, I grew to trust his integrity and respect his abilities. As our clients needed more service and expertise in the insurance area, we slowly brought Rob in as an “associate” of our firm and is now one of our “go to” guys for insurance. This has allowed me to better leverage my time, provide my clients better insurance services and increase our bottom line.”

Bob Westrick, MBA, CPA, CFP®

Private Vista, Hinsdale, IL

“Insurance protection is an important part of the financial well-being of my clients. As a tax-professional, it has always been a challenge to keep up on taxes, investments and insurance. I have worked with Rob for more than fifteen years. Over those years our relationship has evolved into a joint work model. I’ve learned it’s best to have Rob analyze and recommend the best fit insurance options for my clients. This helps me leverage my time to focus on the core of my business and serve my clients better.”

Richard Lehocky, CPA

Aducci Vega Financial, Palos Heights, IL

“Rob and his team are fantastic to work with. Whenever I have an insurance need or question, no matter how complex, I can count on his team to provide a well thought out solution or answer very quickly. Many times, he asks questions I did not consider initially but from an insurance standpoint make perfect sense. He understands my role as a fee only advisor and fiduciary for my clients and is great at providing several alternatives to choose from. He is willing to sit in on meetings with my clients and provide guidance if needed. I appreciate having him in my corner for my clients.”

John Aldrich, CPA, CFP®

President of Focus Financial Advisors, Rockford, IL

“Rob Barnes and his group always provide five-star service that makes you feel special –EVERY DAY! They have the resources to support us with top-notch products, training and responsive services, but most of all they have a wide array of experience and industry knowledge to help serve our clients better. They are ordinary people serving us extraordinarily well!”

Doug, IA


“To me, working with Rob is a no brainer. Life insurance is complicated and important. My firm has been very pleased using Rob as a resource in helping us assist our clients with their life insurance needs, whether it involves evaluating existing policies, education, or the placement of new insurance.

We appreciate his attention to detail, his patience in educating us and our clients about complicated topics, and his strong ethics; which is very important to us in an industry where the allure of commissions creates a natural conflict of interest between the insurance agent and the client. Rob is successful and clients appreciate his efforts.”

Mike McCabe, CFP®, CPC, CPA

Retirement Programs Company LLC

“Rob is a great resource to the agency. He definitely meets our definition of trusted advisor.”

Michael Wojcik, CLU, CFP

The Horton Group, Orland Park, IL