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The Power of Education | More 2019 Tax Resources

The Power of Education

At IIC we strongly believe in the power of education.

Don’t miss our upcoming 2019 CFP® CE Webinars (10am-11am, CT):

02/27/2019 – Term Insurance: Details That Matter
04/24/2019 – Alternative Solutions to LTCi: Protecting Your Clients’ Wealth from LTC Expenses
06/26/2019 – Rethinking Retirement Income: Thinking Strategically About Annuities
08/28/2019 – Disability Insights
10/30/2019 – Estate Planning Uses of Life Insurance

Course descriptions and registration information provided via the following link:  2019 IIC CFP® CE Webinar Series

2019 Tax Resources

Did you download the 2019 Tax Guide or APP yet? The Tax APP is not just informational, there are calculators on several topics to include:  RMD’s, marginal tax rates, estate tax liabilities and social security benefits.

2019 Tax Guide

2019 Tax APP (android)

2019 Tax APP  (iPhone)

The IRS HIPAA per diem limitation (guaranteed tax-free benefit, or reimbursed amount) for qualified LTCi benefits has been increased to $370/day for 2019.

LTC Tax Guide for individuals & businesses

The IRS just announced no Clawback for your HNW clients

For those HNW clients who are interested in preserving their wealth and implementing an advanced estate plan, the IRS decided they will not “clawback” gifts made prior to the sunset of the current exemption amounts in 2026.

It is a conversation you want to have with your HNW clients.  The certainty of knowing one can make gifts and not have to worry about unwinding things later may comfort your clients to move forward in making those gifts.  After all, estate tax planning is about not dying the richest person in the graveyard, thus shedding wealth during your life to avoid taxation at death.  Clients can leverage their gifts through discounting techniques or via life insurance.  Learn more about the “clawback” below.

IRS sees no ‘clawback’ from higher estate and gift tax exemption

History of The Estate Tax – The evolution of estate taxes over the last 200 years.

State Estate Taxes – 15 states still have an inheritance or estate tax.



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