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New Perspectives on Retirement Income


Retirement Is All About Income Planning

Let’s face the fact that it’s hard to plan for retirement income.  Retirement is the time when we measure the pile of our accumulated assets and try to figure out how to get enough income from it.  Current market forces have some saying the 4% rule should now be reduced to 3%.

Forget the 4% Rule:  Rethinking Common Retirement Beliefs – WSJ, Anne Tergeson

Stanford University’s Center for Longevity has released, “How to “Pensionize” Any IRA or 401(k) Plan”, a study that lays out the problems with conventional retirement planning, offering a fresh and modern perspective.  The advantages of the detailed “Spend Safely in Retirement” strategy include:

  • More average total retirement income expected throughout retirement.
  • Automatically adjusting RMD withdrawal amounts to recognize investment gains or losses.
  • Providing a lifetime income, no matter how long a client lives, automatically adjusting RMDs each year, with annuities as one viable method to deliver guaranteed lifetime income.

How to “Pensionize” Any IRA or 401(k) Plan –  Standford Center on Longevity, Steve Vernon, FSA


Do annuities offer a simpler and more effective solution?

Are you offering the same income advice to all your clients?  Do you design every retirement income situation the same way?  If a client has longevity or is very conservative are you offering an annuity solution?

A recent Forbes article touts you should “Cover your basic needs with safe income, take a chance with the rest of your assets and sit tight through the next crash.  You don’t want to outlive your savings.  But neither is it your objective to be the richest person in the cemetery.”

Live Well While The Market Tanks – Forbes, William Baldwin

Larry Swedroe suggests you use an income safety net and recommends a Deferred Income Annuity.
The Four Horsemen of the Retirement Apocalypse – Advisor Perspectives, Larry Swedroe

Click here  for our updated Integrated Insight™ on Qualified Longevity Annuities.

IIC offers case consultation to discuss if an annuity could or should play a role in your client’s retirement income planning scenario.  There are many schools of thought, theories and projections.  An annuity solution can be simple and guaranteed, providing more peace of mind to your client regardless of market performance.



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