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Income Protection

In today’s environment, we have certainly learned how important it is to have a paycheck.  Unfortunately, disability insurance can’t pay if you’re unemployed due to market forces.  The reality is people lose their paychecks every year due to illness and accidents.  The insurance industry has recognized May as Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Launch the below links for educational items you can use with your clients.

LIFE HAPPENS – Disability Insurance

What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance

The IIC Right Fit™ Process

Personal protection like life, disability and long-term care insurance require an underwriting process.  Ultimately this underwriting process will determine product availability and price.  Underwriting is not equal, and some carriers are much more progressive then others.  In order to properly manage client expectations, it is important to screen their health before going too far down the avenue of product design. Often, the underwriting process will direct us to the Right Fit™ insurance company.  Launch the following link to learn more about IIC’s Right Fit™ Process.

Term Insurance

Many clients and their advisors believe that all term insurance is the same, which is not true.  Today’s term offerings are more complex then ever.  In addition to screening their health, additional design questions need to be asked to determine the Right Fit™ plan for them. Launch the following link to learn more about finding Right Fit™ Term.

Recent Fiduciary Update

The SEC and CFP Board have recently confirmed that “client conflicts” are acceptable if they are disclosed.  They have also made statements acknowledging there is no perfect compensation model.  Whether you are commissioned, fee-based or fee only, we need to act in the client’s best interest.  This independent report provides great insight to the details to be discussed. 

New SEC and CFP Board Standards Starting June 30th Abandon Longstanding Principles that Treat Sales & Advise Differently – Institute For the Fiduciary Standard (April 15, 2020).

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