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Exploring LTCi Options


Why Hybrids?

Clients and advisors continue to gravitate toward hybrid long-term care solutions over traditional LTCi.  This is because a hybrid plan answers two key concerns surrounding traditional LTCi.

1.  It guarantees pricing which comforts both the client and advisor.

2.  It also guarantees you can’t lose, because at least your premium (if not more) will be returned in the form of a death benefit if you never need care.

Exploring the Options

Below are two educational pieces discussing the options:

Insurance Insights™: LTC Planning – Exploring the Options (for client use)
Integrated Insights™: LTCi v. Hybrid Plans – UPDATED (plan & price comparison for advisor use only)

We can help you serve your client Long-Term Care protection needs.  Whether you are looking for traditional, hybrids or life insurance with a rider we have you covered.


Long-term care protection from annuities

The chronic illness, nursing home and long-term care riders available with annuities can be very confusing.  Some of the typical options available include:

  • Nursing home rider– Allows an insured to surrender their cash value without a surrender penalty if they are admitted to a nursing home.  This type of rider has minimal value to a client and certainly provides no leverage of their money.
  • Double the income rider– Doubles the guaranteed minimum income benefit if an insured needs nursing home care later in life.  These riders often won’t pay for home care [only facility care] and are also limited to pay only when there is a positive GMIB balance.
  • Double or triple the deposit for care– Is the most beneficial type of annuity/long-term care protection since it leverages a client’s money for care and allows them to collect if they can’t perform 2 of the 6 activities of daily living.  This is a true hybrid LTC annuity option.
  • Convert annuity gains to tax-free LTC benefits– A long-term care qualified annuity that doesn’t leverage a client’s money but allows them to exchange an annuity with a gain into a tax-free LTC benefit if they need care.  No underwriting is required for this product



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