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Education is Key – Protect, Guarantee & Decide Later

At IIC we strongly believe in the power of education.  We offer education in the four key areas of insurance protection – life, disability, long-term care & annuities.

Protect, Guarantee and Decide Later

Clients that are in the home stretch of retirement tend to want to reduce risk to avoid a negative sequence of returns early in retirement.  One way to do this is to move some money into a fixed annuity.  This allows them to protect their principal and have more peace of mind.  When they do retire, they can decide to make withdrawals or initiate a partial/full annuitization to increase their fixed income.  Our newest Client Chronicle™ gives insight to a recent situation where we protected, guaranteed and decided later about the income.  Launch the link below for Nelly’s outcome . . .   

Client Chronicle™ – Protect, Guarantee and Decide Later

Interested in learning more about annuities? 

Listen to the replay of our recently redesigned Rethinking Retirement Income presentation full of case studies and real-life results. 

Webinar REPLAY:  Rethinking Retirement Income

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