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Disability Disconnect

Disability is often THE most important insurance

For most of us in the work force our number one asset IS our ability to work and earn an income.  The problem is, unlike death which most consider inevitable, people don’t always believe the statistics include them.  Statistics tell us someone 25 years old has a 25% chance of having a disability event during their working life.  Claim statistics tell us you are 35% more likely to have a claim if you are above the age of 50.  Aren’t the fifties when you have your first heart attack or joint replacement?  I speak with many clients who cross their fingers instead of creating a safety-net below them.  They may be right, but they are perhaps jeopardizing a lifetime of savings or significantly altering their retirement plan if they are wrong.  Since our crystal ball won’t reveal who incurs a disability, it is important to discuss the downside of not having insurance and needing it with your clients.  Launch the following link for more stats.

Disability Disconnect – Read the Stats


Resources to help educate your clients

Below are two tools that might help in educating your clients about disability insurance.  We have access to an array of insurance companies and are here to help you review, analyze and evaluate your client’s existing coverage in addition to making recommendations for coverage when appropriate.

What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance (LIFE Foundation)

Disability Income Review – Understanding the stats and preparing for the effects of disability.



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