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Commission-Free & Underwriting Insight

Commission-Free Life Insurance:  Is it better for your client?

Fee compression is happening everywhere.  In the life insurance industry, they are trying to eliminate commissions.  The reality is the “commission-free” universe is very small, and a major player recently pulled out of the market.  I published an article discussing some of the issues at hand.  The bottom line is – do your homework and do not assume “no commission” equates to a better price, product, or process for your client.  Learn more in the article below.

Commission-Free Life Insurance:  Is it better for the client?

Underwriting Insight – How important access & influence are

You don’t “buy” life insurance like other products; you have to qualify for it.  A large part of acquiring life insurance is dealing with the health issues of each client and figuring out which carrier will have the strongest offer and value for the client.  We continuously deal with underwriting challenges and recently received a surprise decline on a client.  As we peeled back the issues at hand, we helped identify an error and were able to secure a competitive offer for the client.  This could not have happened without access & influence.  Please see our latest Client Chronicle™ for the full story. 

Client Chronicle ™ Insight to Underwriting- Access & Influence

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