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Do you hate annuities?  Dispelling the myths with facts

  Do you hate annuities? In a recent USA Today article, Why I hate annuities: Here are the reasons these investments are bogus, Ken Fisher boldly starts out by stating “I’d die and go to hell before selling an annuity”.  … Continue reading

LTCi News | HNW Solution

  LTCi News – Who’s in?  Who’s out? More changes in the LTCi marketplace . . . Mass Mutual has re-entered the brokerage market with their new traditional LTCi plan [available in most states] and we have access to them!  … Continue reading

Exploring LTCi Options

  Why Hybrids? Clients and advisors continue to gravitate toward hybrid long-term care solutions over traditional LTCi.  This is because a hybrid plan answers two key concerns surrounding traditional LTCi. 1.  It guarantees pricing which comforts both the client and … Continue reading

Annuity Solutions & Resources

  The annuity marketplace is rapidly evolving.  We continue to track the trends in the industry. – Some states are trying to invoke the fiduciary rule on annuities since the national attempt didn’t pass. – More insurers are developing new … Continue reading

The Power of Education | More 2019 Tax Resources

The Power of Education At IIC we strongly believe in the power of education. Don’t miss our upcoming 2019 CFP® CE Webinars (10am-11am, CT): 02/27/2019 – Term Insurance: Details That Matter 04/24/2019 – Alternative Solutions to LTCi: Protecting Your Clients’ … Continue reading

2019 Tax Guide & APP | Brilliant at the Basics

  Another ‘brilliant’ idea shot down by the IRS Intergenerational split dollar is a valid concept for high net worth families to help future generations purchase life insurance for legacy planning reasons.  Split dollar rules and regs are quite clear … Continue reading

Term, Term, Term . . . 40 Year Term Now Available!

  Change is the only constant and term insurance is no different.  Today the term insurance industry is rapidly evolving.  Below are some of the most interesting changes occurring. Product – 40-year term is now available for clients up to … Continue reading

Should HNW Clients Insure for LTC?

  Should high net worth clients insure for long-term-care? Mark Twain is credited with saying . . . “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.  It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” I … Continue reading

3 Things About Life

  New tax laws create an uptick in non-qualified benefits planning As we enter the fourth quarter of 2018 the new tax laws are still crystalizing.  One thing is clear, certain corporations will benefit from a tax reduction which can … Continue reading

Are You Aware?

  Life Insurance Awareness Month September has been designated as “Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)” for more than 10 years.  It is a great time to review your client’s coverage.  Our Questions are the Key™-Life Review piece provides key questions … Continue reading