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How long will you be rocking? | Client LTC Educational Resources | Rethinking Life

You got me Rocking!  Recently a friend had an extra ticket to see ZZ Top.  Of course, being a big Live Music fan, I went with! One of the others with us started talking about seeing some “72-year-old guys” on … Continue reading

Industry Update: COVID Restrictions Lifting | 2020 Deaths Increased 16% | Principal News

COVID-19 Underwriting Update   Last year, many insurance companies implemented changes to their underwriting and business practices due to the COVID pandemic.  Some of those changes remain, while others continue to evolve due to the overall improvement in the Coronavirus … Continue reading

Genworth LTC Dilemma – What should your client do?

Genworth Special Report – What should your client do? Genworth Financial continues to struggle and the outlook is even gloomier than before.  Many Genworth long-term care policyholders are very concerned.  Genworth continues to apply for price increases across the nation … Continue reading

High-Income & High-Net-Worth Legacy Planning Ideas

Higher Taxes As “Covid Relief” bills and benefits continue to ring up the national debt, the current administration is looking for ways to pay for it all.  “Taxing the rich” seems to be in vogue and all we await is … Continue reading

Life Insurance for the Living | Guarantee your income

Life insurance for the living Today there is a plethora of new products and riders available in the life insurance marketplace. Living Benefit riders for critical and chronic illness can be added to permanent and term policies.  Some policies offer … Continue reading

Planning retirement income | When are annuities a RightFit™ for your client? 

What to do about the high cost of investment income A recently published article titled: “What to do about the high cost of investment income” discusses the challenge of producing income from your investable assets. In their article authors Michael … Continue reading

Tax Law Changes & Planning | The Power of Gifting

There is certainly a consensus that income tax rates are going up.  Many believe estate tax exposures will be higher as we move forward.  There are several options being discussed which include: lowering the exemption, raising the taxable rates and … Continue reading

HNW Ideas, 2021 Tax Guide, CFP® CE Webinars and Roth Conversion Alternative

Many believe income taxes will be increasing and estate exemptions are likely to decrease.  This is not good for High Net-Worth clients.  For those with more than they need for a smooth retirement, there are smart estate planning considerations and … Continue reading

AG 49, Part Deux | The New LTC Solution

AG 49, Part Deux Six years ago, Actuarial Guideline 49 went into effect to curb the abuse of indexed universal life illustrations.  It did not take long for carriers to creatively design their products to generate a better-looking ledger.  They … Continue reading

3 Unique Insurance Designs

What do you do when “what if” becomes “what now”? Quality term is harder to find in the marketplace.  Many carriers have stripped down their coverage offering ala carte features.  You may now need to add an extension rider for … Continue reading