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Knowledge is power  . . .  Below is a sample of the educational financial planning presentations we offer.  We’re available to present, either on-site or remotely, to your team, office staff, study group or centers of influence.  Launch the following link for a detailed description of each presentation:   
IIC Presentations

Term Insurance: Details That Matter

Disability Insights

Alternative Solutions to Long-Term Care Insurance

Thinking Strategically About Annuity Income

Estate Planning Uses of Life Insurance

               The Importance of a Business Continuity Plan



The Trusted Advisor

An Important Review



Client Chronicles™

Integrated Insights™

     Insurance Insights™

Life Insurance Review

Prescreening Tools

Product & Pricing Studies

Questions Are The Key™

Because You Asked – Income Taxation of Life Insurance (John Hancock)

               Know the Law: State-by-State Guide to Taxes & Creditor Protection (John Hancock)

2020 Tax Guide IIC


Legacy Planning with Life Insurance, NAPFA Advisor (May 2019)

Setting an Income Foundation with Annuities, NAPFA Advisor (November 2018)

Commoditization Makes Quality Term Life Insurance Harder to Identify, NAPFA Advisor (May 2018)

3 Options For Family-Owned Business Continuity Plans, NAPFA Advisor (May 2017)

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Gets a BOLIP, NAPFA Advisor (November 2016)

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Microphone, InsuranceNewsNet (May 2016)

Stress Testing Your Life Insurance Policy, NAPFA Advisor (February 2016)

Deja Spew: History Repeats Itself!  NAPFA Advisor (March 2015)

Your Life Insurance Policy Doesn’t Have To Retire When You Do! NAPFA Advisor (March 2014)

Understanding The Tax Impact of EOLI, NAPFA Advisor (Dec 2012)

Designing the Right Policy, Advisor Today (Sept 2006)


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