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2018 Tax Reform & The Power of Education


2018 Tax Reform

The only constant is change and as you know there were some substantial changes to the tax law for 2018.  Below is a link to our updated tax guide.  We await release of the 2018 Tax APP – click here if you would like a link to the download when available. This APP is not just informational there are calculators on several topics including RMD’s, marginal tax rates & estate tax liabilities.

2018 Tax Guide


“An Educated Customer is our Best Customer”

This well-known slogan from the 1980’s is engrained in my mind; At IIC we certainly believe in the power of education.  We offer several CFP® CE approved educational presentations for our advisors.  The link below reflects our more popular topics.  Please keep us in mind to present for your business, study group or association educational needs.

IIC CFP CE Presentations

We also provide education for clients.  Our most requested client presentation discusses Long-Term Care Planning.  Below are two Insurance Insights™ designed to educate clients on the topic and help them understand the options available.

  • LTC Planning – Taking the First Step starts the conversation about long-term care with clients and is designed to introduce and educate them on the issues involved with LTC planning. This piece includes a checklist to understand the risks of various options to pay for care and key questions to ask to determine whether insurance should be considered.
  • LTC Planning – Exploring the Options reviews the pros and cons for three primary ways to insure for long-term care.  With so many insurance options available today, it is important for clients to understand their advantages and disadvantages.  This “Insight” provides key questions to help narrow down which insurance options to explore with your client.

These resources along with many others have been shared in our past newsletters.  Click on the following link to access our newsletter archives:



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